What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Lisa was indispensable to me and my business when I found myself three years behind on my tax preparation, due to a lack of administrative support. My prior preparer simply did not provide the same level of service and instruction that I needed to get caught up, and I found myself getting further and further behind. 

Not only did Lisa take it upon herself to help extricate me from my situation but also, she did it with patience and clear reasoning, which helped me to understand my circumstances and minimize my liability. I found Lisa's work to be incredibly thorough, and the extra time she took to present my situation clearly and succinctly was a huge added benefit of her service. Now that my tax filings are completely up-to-date, Lisa has taken over as the accounting and tax compliance to prevent mistakes and to help me understand the drivers of my business. Quite simply put, she has become an indispensable part of my team."

—Harry, owner of a real estate company

"Lisa Wright and Bookswright saved me! Lisa has helped my business get caught up on bookkeeping/taxes and brought my bookkeeping and taxes into sync under a single umbrella. It is so much easier (and cost effective) combining these than going with separate providers!

Bookswright straightened out my bookkeeping and corrected errors from past bookkeepers. Lisa is knowledgeable, strategic, sticks to agreed-upon deadlines, and keeps me on track so she can stay on track! The relief as a business owner to have a trusted partner who I know will provide expert guidance and do everything correctly is beyond words! It's a sigh of relief! In these challenging times, having one less thing to worry about is huge!"

—Jackie, owner of a cycling studio

"I had been a business client of a large CPA firm for many years. I heard from them at tax time and that was it. I decided that I needed a more personal relationship with my business financial advisor and switched to Bookswright. It has been my best business move to date. She is efficient, reliable and communicates throughout the year. She is on top of all PPP rules and regulations as they happen and communicates them immediately. She is concerned about the bottom line of my business and delivers so much more than just the taxes. Thank you, Lisa. My money is in your hands!"

—Honi, owner of a chiropractic practice